Copywriting Best and Worst Practices – A Response to David Ogilvy

In 1955, David Ogilvy (1911-1999) otherwise known as the “Father of Advertising” wrote a letter to a Mr. Ray Calt regarding his work habits as a copywriter. Although Mr. Ogilvy is no longer with us, his legacy continues to live on today in the advertising industry. His letter sheds invaluable insight into copywriting practices in the advertising industry. What is interesting to note, however, are the similarities and differences with copywriting practices in the online marketing industry.

David Ogilvy’s letter and my personal response are published below.

April 19, 1955

Dear Mr. Calt:

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How to Write Stellar Copy for Your Homepage

Think of your homepage as the first impression customers have of your business… Think of your homepage as the first opportunity you have to make a sale… Think of your homepage as the gateway to the rest of your website… Many business owners, however, are still making the unfortunate mistake of hiring an expensive web designer to redesign their homepage without hiring a professional SEO copywriter to rewrite their often scattered and mundane copy. A beautifully designed homepage means nothing if the copy lacks luster and strategy.

Listed below are 10 key elements all of which are essential to crafting homepage copy that converts.

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10 Books Every Copywriter Should Read

booksThere are plenty of book recommendations out there for writers, but there’s something inherently different about writing and copywriting, namely your audience. A copywriter must have a creative drive, passion and tenacity that go into every piece and make it connect with a specific audience. You could take all the courses and seminars you want, but the only way to become a better writer is becoming a more avid reader. Here are 10 books that will inspire you to connect your creative and analytical minds.



Stephen King’s On Writing

On Writing

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WordPress Plug-in for SEO Copywriters

“InboundWriter and WordPress is a great marriage to help writers quickly create more relevant and SEO-friendly blog posts. The new InboundWriter for WordPress plug-in enables bloggers to optimize their posts as they type by streaming real-time search intelligence into a familiar interface, as well as providing automated guidance and interactive feedback.”
- Social media expert Jay Baer, of

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Will Your Next Copywriter be a Robot?

Great content, including copy, is the foundation of any website. In order to produce great content, you need a great copywriter. Your copywriter digs deep to understand the nature of your company and get what makes you tick. Once they understand the nuances of your business and your marketplace, they research topics related to your industry and produce content like the very words you’re reading now. They add to the written content by embedding videos, photos and illustrations to deepen the reader’s understanding and post content that is engaging and makes the reader want to share it with their friends and co-workers. This is how it’s currently done, but what if a piece of software could do the same job in less time?

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Facebook Acquires Instagram for $1 Billion: How Android made it Possible

Instagram logo.Just when you thought the backlash over Instagram opening its doors to Android users had already set the Twitterverse alight, another bombshell dropped on an unsuspecting public early Monday afternoon. Instagram, the incredible popular (and until recently iOS exclusive) photo sharing service and social network in one, was purchased by Facebook in a stunning $1 billion dollar acquisition. The move by Facebook may surprise some, but there were signs of this some time ago.

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Eyestrain Solutions for Internet Marketers

The possibility of implementing 10 hour working days has been a hot topic at Optimum7 for the past few weeks now. I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’m for or against the idea. While the thought of having Fridays free is appealing, my health does come first. As an SEO copywriter, I spend my days sitting at a desk, behind a computer screen, writing my little heart out. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. This is my first real taste at working life, my first full time position since graduation.

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We’re attending SES New York 2012!

Co-Founder and COO of Optimum7, Duran Inci, is attending SES New York 2012 this week. SES New York is held at The Hilton, New York from March 19-23rd. The conference is part of a series of conferences held by SES Conference & Expo, the leading global event series in the Internet marketing industry for the past 13 years.

If you’re a marketing professional, SES conferences should be highlighted on your agenda. If they are not, you’re missing out on invaluable education, tactics and best practices in search and social marketing from industry leaders. The conferences provide you with the latest in social media, integrated marketing, paid search, SEO and more. Don’t just take my word for it either. You can view testimonials online at

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Pros and Cons of Using Pinterest for Online Marketing

So, I stumbled across an article last week in The Washington Post titled Addicted to a Web site called Pinterest: Digital crack for women.

The title alone was enough to grab my attention. My colleagues then suggested that I write an article on Pinterest and Photoshop an image of myself with a crack pipe and Pinterest logo. Aware that this image of me would be permanently tattooed on the back of the Internet, I politely discarded the suggestion.

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Facebook Timeline: How do you Like it?

I’ve been wanting to talk about Facebook’s “Timeline” feature for some time now, but I figured I’d give it some time to die down from the initial media hype and address what most people’s concerns and annoyances seem to have been since its release. By address, what I really mean is pull some of the gems people have put up about how much they hate using the free service that they are in no way obligated to keep using.

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