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Digg and Be Digged

Digg has been around since November of 2004 but I never took advantage of its traffic generating potential until now. It’s a great social news site which makes it better in my opinion than just the usual social sites. Less than a month of being a digger; so far, I have made 4 stories to [...]
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Can a Model Use SEO to Her Advantage?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used by many web site owners to increase traffic, awareness, and revenue for their ecommerce sites. We can all agree that SEO is beneficial to many kinds of sites, but what about aspiring models and celebrities? How can their careers benefit from SEO? If your goal is getting to the [...]
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SES (Search Engine Strategies) New York Keynote Speaker – Guy Kawasaki

This was the first time I heard Guy Kawasaki speak. Frankly, I am so new to Twitter, I didn't even know he is kind of the "Twitter King" at least right now. Mr. Kawasaki is surely at the forefront of the many that are all atwitter about Twitter. He is currently the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures (early stage venture capital firm) as well as a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. He is also a co-founder of Alltop, a website magazine rack of sorts.
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Search Engine Marketing Industry – In denial?

This is the first in a series of posts that I will be making to offer my reflections on The SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conference in New York last week. The 3 day agenda included 5 tracks of presentations and discussions as follows:
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How to Analyze a Website for SEO

Website analyzation is key for a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. The ability to look at a website and figure out whether it has potential or not for your services is the first fundamental step in moving forward on a SEO project. I have created a step by step process on how to analyze a website. This [...]
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How Important is Adding New Content to Your Site?

In the game of Search Engine Optimization, there are several techniques or procedures that you learn as an SEM specialist to make a site more visible on search engines. As a site owner, it will soon become evident how important adding new content continuously to your site when you notice an increase in traffic volume. [...]
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Why Twitter Might Not Last

Okay maybe the title is going a bit too far; Twitter does have the potential to be around just like the other social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace). It is already the third largest in this category. I’m sorry people but I just don’t find Twitter beneficial to me in any way. Yes it is fun updating your Twitter status throughout the day, but think about it. Does anyone really care about your blog, what you are doing at the time, who you are, and why your tweets are so important? Or is everyone on Twitter so self indulged with marketing themselves that it has just become a broad network of narcissists who feel that their content and whatever they have to say in their tweets is important enough to spend hours following people who they may never even see on their profile once.
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What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, an internet marketing strategy used by webmasters and online marketing specialists to make a webpage more visible in the organic search results. If a site is more visible in search results, the site will increase its traffic volume.
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Twitter Tips – Twips

If you are new to Twitter or you have just heard of Twitter, don't be too concerned ... yet! Twitter is a microblogging portal and it is exploding online.
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Business or Politics

22 years ago, I left corporate life to start my own business for one central reason. I couldn't handle the fact that decisions were made, often critical decisions, based on political considerations. In other words, what does the boss think I should think or what does his boss think I should think ... or I owe someone a vote on a project because that someone gave me their vote. In this environment, poor business decisions are inevitable because political turf and inter-office relationships were more important than the bottom-line business results of the company. It was my own living hell.
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