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Playboy is Now Available on the iPad

You can read the newspaper, watch movies, play games and now get your pornographic thrills all using the iPad. Playboy Enterprises has developed and introduced a subscription program for the iPad. The service allows subscribers to view Playboy magazine from the beginning until now. Back in 1953 Hugh Hefner placed a captivating shot of Marilyn [...]
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Winklevoss Twins Don’t Give Up

Even after being awarded a hefty sum from Facebook after winning their lawsuit, the Winklesvoss twins are back for more. Cameron and Tyler—yes those are their names—have decided that the millions they received were not enough. They claim that the settlement they reached did not represent their just due. Although the 9th U.S. Circuit, a [...]
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iPhone 5 May Not Exist!

I, for one, take this story very personally. As you may have caught wind of by now (as it has been headlining news for the past week or so), I recently left BlackBerry and opted to join the cool kids over at Android. It was a tough decision to make, deciding which phone to go [...]
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LimeWire Pays $105 Million for Copyright Infringement

It’s been a long battle that has now come to a bitter end. It is being reported today, that LimeWire has agreed to pay record labels an astonishing $105 Million for the illegal sharing of files which violated copyright law. This is a preview of LimeWire Pays $105 Million for Copyright Infringement. Read the full [...]
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Osama Used Unsophisticated Communication Method

It has been about a week since the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan. So what have we learned other than the fact that it took almost ten years for the United States to find a man hiding in plain sight? We now know for sure that he had been there for quite [...]
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Facebook Attempts to Discredit Google

Sigh…now this is when the nature of competition takes the ugliest little turn. Facebook was caught red-handed attempting to release stories to discredit Google. This just makes me shake my head. News outlets went crazy today with stories of Facebook admitting to hiring a PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, to raise questions about Google’s privacy practices. This [...]
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Children Evade Facebook Age Restrictions

Here we go again. It seems like there is always a story linking Facebook and children. Although, you may have known this already, Facebook has an age minimum for their users. That age is 13. I suppose at that age, when you become a full fledged teenager, you are expected to have a certain level [...]
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Google Enters Social Arena

Things are about to really be shaken up now that Google is going through with +1. For those of you are unaware, Google is continuing the “like” trend set up my Facebook by allowing users to co-sign and share an article or webpage that they find favorable. If you know anything about Google, you know [...]
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Microsoft Gets Skype for $8.5 Bill!

After many rumors and presumably long negotiations, Microsoft has purchased Skype for the unimaginable price of $8.5 billion—it’s biggest deal ever. My question: was this a smart move? I’m trying to figure out what it is about Skype that makes them worth this much. I must be missing something here. Maybe Microsoft knows something that [...]
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Video Game Depicts a Now Infamous Location

Osama bin Laden, once the world’s most wanted man, has been immortalized—not by members of the militant Islamist group Al Qaeda, but by a video game developer. Three days ago an independent developer called Fletch released a videogame level for the game “Counter Strike – Source.”  The level depicts bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound.  The [...]
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