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Nokia Unveils New Microsoft Windows Phones

The long-awaited day for Nokia and Microsoft has finally arrived. At a well-attended press event held in London on October 26, Nokia allowed a first glimpse at Lumia, a new smartphone powered by Windows Phone Mango. Lumia is the first collaboration in earnest between the Finnish cell phone giant and Microsoft, and it could be [...]
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Windows 8 Reclaiming Consumers

Choosing a platform may have been simple in the past, but given the wide variety of new devices which function as computers the choice has become more difficult, and Windows 8 hopes to eliminate some of the obstacles that steered consumers into purchasing software from Microsoft’s competitors. While Apple consumers find themselves with innumerable applications [...]
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Microsoft Gets Skype for $8.5 Bill!

After many rumors and presumably long negotiations, Microsoft has purchased Skype for the unimaginable price of $8.5 billion—it’s biggest deal ever. My question: was this a smart move? I’m trying to figure out what it is about Skype that makes them worth this much. I must be missing something here. Maybe Microsoft knows something that [...]
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Microsoft Releasing No More Zune’s

The Zune has officially been laid to rest. Zune, you know Zune, right? No? That’s precisely why its being “put down” as you read this. I can’t say that this will be a sad story or that many will mourn but for the very few of you that have grown to know and love the [...]
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