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Rupert Murdoch – The Scandal

Eighty-year old Rupert Murdoch was born in Australia. He publishes The Times of London and the New York Post, along with 173 other newspapers. He owns Fox Network, Twentieth Century Fox Studio, and 35 TV stations.  Rupert Murdoch is sometimes referred to as a war monger because of his loud voice in the international debate [...]
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How to Increase Organic Search Results

Unless you rank #1 on page 1 for all of your keywords you should be seeking to increase your organic search results. No, that isn’t even accurate; even if you are ranking #1 page 1 for everything you should still want to increase your organic search results - more on this part later.
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The Search Engine Wars … Google, Yahoo and MSN

Google, Yahoo, MSN. These are all search engines that we have used at some point in our web-lives. In my experience, Yahoo used to be a major player in the Search Engine industry. I remember the day when I converted to Google; we all probably have a similar story. I was about in 8th grade; I was doing research for a project and was searching for something using Yahoo. My aunt came in the room and told me to use Google. Like anyone hearing the word "Google" I was perplexed, but she was a Berkley Grad so I saw her with some credibility. She told me that it gave smarter and better search results. Since that day I don't think that I have used Yahoo to search anything since.
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Good SEO vs. Bad SEO

Let’s keep this simple. Bad SEO isn’t SEO at all. Bad SEO is an imposter that simply doesn’t deal with the realities of SEO. Bad SEO preys upon the ignorance (lack of awareness) of those who seek online success looking for help. Some call this Black Hat SEO or Grey Hat SEO actually trying to make a distinction between some bad practice and others. Then there is White Hat SEO, a euphemism that simply means to us, the way it is supposed to be in the first place.
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Pro Athletes Marketing Themselves on Twitter

By this time, most of us are aware how great of a marketing tool Twitter can be for your company, website, product, and/or services. It's a great way to reach a wide range of people. Most professional athletes are already millionaires, so why are so many of them using Twitter to market themselves? You would be surprised what a little bit of micro blogging can do for an all-star.
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6 Facebook Tips to Make You a Social Networking Player

By now we all have Facebook. I realized this the other day when my aunt, my father’s older sister friend requested me. This was either a sign that it was time for me to leave Facebook all together, or that social networking sites have gotten so big that even the older generations are catching on, [...]
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Is Social Bookmarking a Source for Late Night TV?

Being active on social media sites including news submitting and bookmarking sites have many benefits for a Search Engine Marketer. One of the nice bonus benefits to being active in these sites is that you are always being informed. Logging on to Digg or Reddit can help you catch up on the latest events and also the oddest happenings that are interesting which you otherwise might have missed if you only watch the six o’clock news on your local news station. I noticed that I’m usually aware and more informed on a lot of topics than my friends who are not in the internet marketing industry. They’re always puzzled about how I know so much about daily events. I can’t say I mind that. Knowledge is power.
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Helping Your Clients Visualize the Benefits of SEO

The field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is growing and is generating more buzz every day. Whether business owners have a website promoting their physical business location or the website itself is the business location, getting found is quickly recognized to be an important objective of the business. There is no doubt that most modern [...]
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What is a Share Button?

For many savvy internet users, this might seem pretty basic but not everyone knows what a “share” button is or what it does. They’ve been around for a while and you might have seen them on various media outlet websites that report the news, display articles, or stream videos. Most people ignore the share button but it’s fast becoming a valuable staple on most websites.
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