8 Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

There are countless functions for the iPhone because of the ever-growing number (>100,000 currently) of applications (apps) that are available. The iPhone can be a great reference tool for up-and-coming web designers and developers; because, like the saying goes, “There’s an app for that!”

Constructing a website requires a lot of tools and coding to remember. Luckily the iPhone has “got your back” for help with font types, HEX color conversions, HTML safe colors, FTP information, HTML code, CSS code and JavaScript. Here is a list of apps that a designer or developer should have on their phone:

cliqcliq’s Colors: This is an app that allows you to come up with an interesting color palette, and afterwards you can email it to yourself so that you can use it within Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Color Expert- This app allows you to use a color wheel or picker to create a custom color palette as well as provide you with the Pantone shade. This beats having to figure out the CMYK or the RGB value for the color that you desire.

Photoshop.com Mobile- This is a “lite” version of Photoshop for the graphic designer on the go. If you need to quickly adjust an image and there isn’t a computer around with an image editing program you can use your iPhone. Just take a picture or use an existing image on your iPhone and start editing. Photoshop.com Mobile is limited, but it’s still free and best of all it is mobile. This app will let you crop, change levels, hue & saturation, and has other useful features.

The Typography Manual- This app is good for those designers who skip typography class or just want to brush up during a lunch break. With this app you can learn everything you need to know about selecting great type for your design material.

Source Viewer- This app is most useful for web developers that are surfing the web on their iPhone and wondering how and what the site is made up of; for example HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With this app you can see all the source code that makes up a website.

ServersMan-This app allows a simple iPhone to be used as a storage device and/or a server by using the Wi-Fi or 3G. ServersMan can come in handy when a client sends you a file to store for later usage.

SEO it- This app analyzes how SEO friendly your website is from source code all the way to backlinks and meta-tags. Perfect for an Internet Marketer on the go!

WordPress-Is your site or blog managed with WordPress? Ever want to update your website or blog on the fly via your phone? Well with the WordPress app, you can; just enter your login information and you can start posting and editing pages to your heart’s content. The only problem is that you do not have the HTML window which allows you to write HTML code.

Analytics App- This app is very handy, especially when it’s analyzing how well your website is performing based on your keywords, content and visitors.

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February 2, 2010

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  1. Posted February 8, 2010 at 5:23 am | Permalink

    Yeah I’ve used few of them. I like Color Expert and SEO it most.

  2. TheKid
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 3:45 am | Permalink

    use most of the apps on the list and they are great.

    here’s another I can recommend another. check this out

    Graphic Design Quiz.

    The app keeps track of the users score. The hi-score is “guru design”. The user can post the score on facebook as well.

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