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Google Takes Aim at Poor Customer Service

It started with a New York Times article. One that featured a business that kept popping up at the top of search indexes, even though it had hundreds upon hundreds of negative reviews. Upon further investigation though, it may have been popping up on top because of all those negative reviews.
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Google Being Investigated for Stifling Market

The search engine giant Google is currently being investigated—yet again, for fears that it may be violating anti monopoly laws and intentionally stifling innovation and the success of its competitors. Although it originally faced queries in the US based on suspicions that it was violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which is supposed to guard against monopoly, this time it is being investigated by the European Union.
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Google Sets Sites on Groupon

Google’s latest plan for World Wide Web domination is going local. Google has been targeting the local market heavily in recent months, and have now turned their attention to Groupon.
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Acer announces tablet, smartphone to compete with Apple, Samsung

Acer is not necessarily the top PC technology maker, but techies are excited about the announcement of two tablets and a smartphone that will run on Google’s Android operating systems. The devices boast amazing screen resolution quality, unparalleled gaming capabilities and high definition cameras, which may leave their competition scrambling to keep up.
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Cyber Monday Shows Importance of Online Marketing

If you thought that Cyber Mondays originated because online retailers offered drastic deals the Monday after Thanksgiving, think again. It didn’t start that way at all; rather it began with consumers—who liked to shop online from work. Normally, Mondays are good retail days for online businesses anyway, and typically, a Monday in December is usually when online retailers see their highest single day profit for the year, but it isn’t traditionally on “cyber Monday”.
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Netflix Streaming: DVD’s One Step Closer to Becoming Obsolete

Netflix Inc’s stock went up past all expectation on Monday after it unveiled the nation’s first streaming only subscription plan. This will allow subscribers to rent movies and their favorite TV shows exclusively over the internet. Now they don’t even have to bother with waiting on an actual DVD to get into their mailbox anymore.
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Apple’s iPad Continues to Dominate with Updates, Speculation of iPad 2

Apple’s latest operating system update brings folders, multitasking and more to the iPad, keeping it ahead of the newest string of competitors on the tablet industry. iOS 4.2, available for download today, boasts AirPrint – a feature that allows users to print wirelessly from iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It also features AirPlay, which connects the device to the new Apple TV, allowing users to stream videos, slideshows and games wirelessly to their televisions. Additionally, the new Game Center brings connectivity between the various Apple devices. This turns the gaming experience into a multiplayer platform.
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MySpace Calls it Quits

It is pretty telling when the CEO of MySpace, Mike Jones, refers to his company, not as a social networking site, which most of us thought it is, but as, "one of the largest entertainment experiences on the Web."
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Google Aims to Revolutionize Online Fashion Shopping with

A squeal rang out from fashionistas across the country as Google announced a new way to shop for clothes online: The site opened for business on Wednesday.
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Jimmy Kimmel’s National UnFriend Day Seems to be a Success

A movement instigated by Jimmy Kimmel is taking root. The late night host declared today to be the National Unfriend Day of 2010. Apparently, he is as sick as everyone else of people he barely knows constantly inviting him to pointless quizzes, personality games, sucky band sites, and random pictures of guys who look like the cast of Jersey Shore. National Unfriend Day even has an official soundtrack based on Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson’s cover of “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.”
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