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What is the Future of Flash?

Adobe Flash, back then called Macromedia Flash was introduced in 1996 as a promising and exciting new multimedia platform. With Flash, designers and artists are able to create movies, animation, and interactive websites. Flash has had a great run but the buzz is growing louder and louder that Flash is on its way out.
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Flash vs. HTML5

As times change, technology changes and the world is introduced to new ideas. The World Wide Web is no better evidence that change and turn of events are constant and part of our experience every day. Many web developers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring interactivity to the web. With new [...]
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Pure CSS3 Animated AT-AT Walker from Star Wars

In this article we'll quickly walk-through the process of creating a CSS3 animation of an AT-AT Walker from The Empire Strikes Back. We'll start off by reviewing some CSS3 properties that made this animation possible. Then, follow up with a list of the sections required to construct the AT-AT and the CSS3 code to move each section. I wont go too deep into the explanations of CSS3. There are various resources online to get you up to speed with CSS3.
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