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Net Neutrality Rules Does Not Prohibit Google / Verizon Agreement

Now that the FCC has passed their rather skimpy net neutrality rules, the future looks more expensive for online companies. It’s only been a few hours since the FCC Order was passed and already reports confirming the worst fears of net neutrality proponents seem to be at play. It seems that despite rattling their drums for fairness and neutrality, Google and Verizon are already talking about possibly taking advantage of the incredibly interpretive, loophole ridden rules. Rumors have surfaced in none other than the New York Times that Google is reaching an agreement with Verizon about allowing it to charge website owners higher fees for delivering content faster to users.
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Controversial Net Neutrality Order Passes Today

Today is D-Day for the vote on the first net neutrality rules, to be passed today by the FCC. The issue is far from resolved, although chief architect of the Order, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski seems to think it is. This vote will affect absolutely everyone who uses the internet, from online businesses to end users and consumers.
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Net Neutrality Rules Draft Could Give Wireless Networks a Loophole.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently deliberating on net neutrality rules. However, the draft has some Democrats worried that it does not go far enough to guarantee a fair, level playing field in some online environments.
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