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Google Maps Goes Inside Locations

Google Maps has become one of the dominant sources of maps for people over the past few years.  It has really been giving MapQuest a run for its money.  When people want to get directions, get an aerial or street view of a location, Google Maps is a one stop free shop.  Google made a [...]
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Google Gets Slap on the Wrist

If you have ever wondered how Google gathers all the images needed to produce those Street View maps, it isn’t rocket science.  Unlike their satellite maps, Google provides users with maps that capture images from cameras that are lodged onto cars and bicycles.  When you search for a location using Google Maps, you can view [...]
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Google Earth Street Search

Google Earth, formerly Earth Viewer, was acquired by Google from Keyhole in 2004. The program effectively creates a virtual globe by combining images obtained from several sources. Satellite images, aerial photographs and geographical data are combined to create a 3D earth model. This program has become one of the most popular programs for web users who are interested in viewing their world from a new and manageable perspective that can even be accessed on the desktop. The future of Google Earth seems obvious. As technology and bandwidth increase, it is likely that users will see an interface between Google Earth street search and the local Google search option, creating a unique opportunity for business owners to expand their local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processes.
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Google Local Business Listings: “The free way to attract more customers.”

My boss got a letter in the mail from Google in reference to their Google Maps. It seems that Google is pushing their Google Maps marketing efforts with direct mailers in hopes of raising awareness of this service.
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