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Mark Zuckerberg: TIME Person of the Year

Like him, love him, or hate him, but TIME Magazine has named Mark Zuckerberg the Person of the Year for changing the way we all live our daily lives. Not so long ago, TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year was…well…all of us, because of the impact that YouTube had on the culture. Now, by naming Zuckerberg 2010’s Person of the Year, they are recognizing the incredible achievement he actually accomplished. As TIME Magazine writer Lev Grossman put it, Zuckerberg was able to “wire together a twelfth of humanity,” signaling our entrance into “The Facebook Age”.
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CNN Using Twitter to Report News in Iran

The traditional media, CNN for one, had great difficulty getting reliable news subsequent to the controversial elections in Iran. This Theocratic and Totalitarian System has always controlled their traditional media including Radio, TV and even the internet to certain extents. So when major and tumultuous political and social events occur in a tightly controlled and restricted society, what is a major media outlet to do when they can’t get any of their journalists on the scene? Enter: Social Media
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